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Adjustable Headset Holder
Made entirely of galvanized aluminum alloy headphone stand by Baseus is not only an aesthetic appearance, but also an excellent quality of workmanship. The rounded handle adapts perfectly to the shape of the headphones, evenly distributing their weight, which prevents deformations. Due to the wide range of offered models of headphones, the manufacturer has allowed to change the height of the arm on its own, so that the headphones remain at the right height in relation to the base. In addition, the base of the stand has been specially embossed so that it can be used as compartments for small things that we often keep on our desk (such as keys or coins). The bottom of the base has been covered with a silicone coating to prevent it from slipping off a slippery surface.






Producent Baseus
Product code SUDB01-01
Dimensions Around 25 x 9,6 cm
Color Black + Gold
Suitable for All headsets / headphones


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