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Jumping out of a moving car and landing on the freeway in the middle of rush hour traffic can really do a number on a cell phone that is not protected. How are you going to get in touch with "The Boss" if your phone is broken? Secret agents like you need phone cases that are tough as nails and put up a fight no matter what the mission entails. The Ghostek Covert Samsung Galaxy S7 phone case is what you need to fight your battles for you.


With the Ghostek Covert case, crashing through walls at high speed in your luxury cruiser would not be an issue. It is designed with special bumpers on each corner, which absorb impact and allows for the internal gadgetry to stay intact. These bumpers have a spring action, so no matter how high the fall, your phone will be safe. Furthermore, what about all the bombs that you have to avoid and/or set off at the last minute? The explosion proof screen protector allows you to go to any extreme needed to get the job done while maintaining your phone just the way you want it.


You don't only need all that great protection though. You also need to look smart, sexy, and in control. The Ghostek Covert Samsung Galaxy S7 phone case gives you the flexibility you need in any situation with 5 colors to choose from: clear, rose, red, dark grey, and gold. You can impress all the ladies and gents that you pass by with the electroplated colors that make it shiny. This Galaxy S7 phone case could also come in handy when you're dropped from a helicopter in the middle of a desert, and your only form of communication is to send Morse Code messages.


Ghostek Covert Samsung phone cases deliver all the functionality that secret operatives need when jet setting across the globe on secret missions. Precision cut-outs in the frame allow you to easily access all Galaxy S7 Edge headphone and microphone jacks. Time is money when you're a spy, and you don't need a phone case that weighs you down or is hard to manage. In fact, when you're in a dark basement with your sworn enemy who you have hog-tied to a pole and you need to record the secret information he is about to tell you, access to that microphone jack becomes of extreme importance.


The slim design makes your phone fit easily in your pocket, but without sacrificing functionality or safety. For instance, in those high-stress moments where you have a millisecond to pull your phone out and detonate that bomb, the sleek design of the Ghostek Covert case means the difference between pushing the correct button and possible death. Moreover, you have been in enough tight spots to realize that squeezing through the vent in the ceiling could be compromised if your cell phone is too bulky. Samsung phone cases can really get you out of that tight spot when you need it.

  • PRECISELY CUT: With the case cut so precisely, the Galaxy S7 headphone and microphone jacks will be just as accessible. You'll only have to carry what you need, making international travels a breeze. 
  • 5-COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Clear, Dark Gray, Rose Pink, Peach & Gold. Perfect for any suit of action. 
  • ELECTROPLATED COLORS: Your front-facing camera isn't a mirror. But this could be. It's so slim, you won't notice it. But you'll thank it. 
  • SPRING BUMPERS: Resilience is key. You'll be back in the action in no time. Impact absorbing design. Your case will take the heat. Not your phone or anything inside. 
  • COMES WITH AN EXPLOSION-PROOF SCREEN PROTECTOR: Your phone will be with you at the center of all the action. 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.
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