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The life of a journalist is not easy, but after spending more than 7 years in this field, I give more priority to the pros over the cons! Last minute assignments are sometimes inevitable, but by now I have mastered the skill to manage those even without much preparation.

Take last Saturday for example. I was off duty and had a plan to catch up with some old time friend in the evening. It was around 5 pm I got a call from my editor who wanted me to cover the launch event of a coveted skincare brand, some 30 km away. The guy meant to cover the event fell sick – just at the last hour and so I had to rush in!

I did not have time to rush to the office and get a photographer to cover the event. However, I had my Galaxy Note 8 with Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Waterproof Case (Nautical Series). This would be salient for photography and other needs at the event. I called a cab and rushed to the event. When I reached the venue, it was already crowded and to make it worse, it was raining. I got a little drenched, naturally. However, I did not worry as I knew my Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Case is waterproof and even heavy rain would not affect the device.

I took a lot of snaps at the event. There were a few models and actors at the event and so the crowd became rather unruly after a while. My Galaxy Note 8 dropped from my hand in the jostle once. But it was unscathed thanks to the rugged build, impact resistant, and shockproof form factor of the case.

The lifted bezel of the case ensured there was not even a dent on the body. I also took note of the event proceedings using the S pen in between clicking the photos. Had it not been for this protective cover of my Galaxy Note 8, I would face a lot of troubled covering this hectic episode.

I sent the images and other details to the editor through email from the spot without any hassle. She was happy and messaged back saying I did a magnificent job. Guess what, I earned another additional off day after covering the event on such short notice. The Galaxy Note 8 Rugged Waterproof Case saved my day and helped out my employer.

Designed by Ghostek in New York



0  360° Full Body PC + Thermoplastic (TPU) Shell 0  Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Back 0  Raised Rubberized Corners - Shock Barrier 0  Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection 0  Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible 0  Lifted Bezel - Extra Screen Protection 0  Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (Attached) 0  3x Military Grade Standard Drop Tested 0  Tested For Up to 20-Feet Deep & 1 Hour in the Water 0  S-Pen, Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 0  Supports Wireless Charging 0  6 Trendy Colors to Choose From 0  Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included


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Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Black (GHOCAS902)

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