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Office parties can be funny and enjoyable at times. And so was the recent party hosted by my office. After our department exceeded sales targets for the month, our CEO was impressed and threw a party. It was not a formal party, which added to the excitement.

I wanted a scope to relax after a grueling month and this was the perfect outlet! The venue was a resort not far away from our office so it was even better.

I put on a casual attire and took just my iPhone X with its fantastic grip. Now I thank myself that I bought the stylish Ghostek iPhone X Clear Protective Case (Covert 2 Series). I reached a little late and found that most of my colleagues had arrived.

Some of them even started drinking and dancing to the groovy or splendid music – though I knew they would never put on rap/hip hop music here but nonetheless it was fun. The party venue was indeed well decorated with soft LED lights and decals on the walls. I loved the ambiance immediately and took a few snaps of the place. After chatting with a few colleagues I grabbed a glass of mocktail and settled by a side.

After a while I gulped down two glasses of beer and got into the mood of dancing. In fact, everybody was a little drunk by that time and we headed to the big hall room to dance away the blues or the happiness! After enjoying dance for a while, I wanted to take a selfie of myself with those around.

Just as I got into the right pose and was about to take the shot, one of the colleagues who was heavily drunk, fell on me. It was so sudden that I lost balance and the phone flew off from my hand. After kicking the wall with a loud thud it landed face down on the floor. My heart almost stopped for a moment and then I made a rush for it! I picked up the phone with anticipation and a feeling of agony!

To my amazement, the phone survived the fall and crash landing. Dam that armor is strong! The rugged and durable cover ensured it survived without getting one scratch. I am sure any run of the mill case will not offer this level of military type protection. That is not all, we were all given an all new iPhone X and a Ghostek case as a token of appreciation for our great work! Now I have to smart phones! Bull have a full gel grip too with these awesome cases.

Now, that is what I call, one helluva party. Don’t you think?

Designed by Ghostek in New York




True coolness is subtle. At first, you might not notice it, but when you pay attention, the “it” factor is undeniable. That’s the Covert 2 in a nutshell: sleek, subtle, and effortlessly cool. This clear case for the iPhone X provides state of the art protection in a slim, minimalist package. This case has everything you need – powerful drop protection, non-slip grip, wireless charging compatibility, and more – without any flash or razzle-dazzle. The Covert 2 is just that cool.
  • State of the Art Armored Construction 
  • Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection 
  • Slim Thermoplastic (TPU) Bumper Frame 
  • Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Back 
  • Raised Silicone Gel Corners - Shock Cushions 
  • 2x Military Grade Standard Drop Tested 
  • Lifted Bezel for Extra Screen Protection 
  • Unique Non Slip Diamond Grip 
  • Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Face ID Compatible 
  • 6 Trendy Colors to Choose From 
  • Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included

10+ korisnika je već kupilo

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Ghostek - iPhone X/XS Case, Covert 2 Series, Pink (GHOCAS775)

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