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We buy accessories for expensive gadgets and devices, but sometimes these apparently small things can prove to be saviors. They are not so small! I realized this after using the Galaxy Note 8 Clear Protective Case (Covert 2 series) for my phablet.

I bought the Galaxy Note 8 because I did not want to carry a laptop for outdoor assignments all the time. As an undercover agent of a sleuth entity, I have to go to many places and face weird and difficult situations. So, I decided to invest in a rugged, protective, and durable cover case for the device. Thank God that I chose the Galaxy Note 8 Clear Protective Case (Covert 2 series).

A few days back, I was given a special assignment by our agency head. The case was tough, but it was worth pursuing too. I had to expose a fraud, a self-proclaimed Godman who had been duping thousands of devotees with his charm and making millions with donations, using his charisma and false promises. Kind of like something I saw in Season 1 of True Detective.

It was risky as the Godman remains surrounded by his security personnel. However, my task was to collect evidence of his heinous deeds posing as a devotee. My boss said cops will be sent to help me out, but initially I will have to proceed on my own.

I did not have enough time when I got the assignment and so packed in the Galaxy Note 8 and reached the place of the fraud Godman. He was a cunning person as I could see from his way of talking and the body language he was displaying. I had put the voice recorder on in the Note 8 and was trying to extract information on his work and life. He did not know who Dash Hudson really was!

But he was shrewd enough to sniff the plot and suddenly called in his security men. Then he ordered them to snatch my mobile. I could not let this happen as all the evidence was recorded in it. So I threw it out of the window into the bushes and ran for cover. Before doing so, I sent an emergency alert to my agency.

Before the security men could nab me, the siren from the cops became loud. They broke open the door into the premises. The shockproof and strong rubberized case saved my Galaxy Note 8 from getting damaged as I noticed it was unscathed when I went back outside and around the side of the building to retrieve my phone.

I was amazed to see the power of the resilient cover and my phone was there in the bushes in mint condition. With the recorded evidence, exposing the fraudster became much easier.

Designed by Ghostek in New York




  • State of the Art Armored Construction 
  • Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection 
  • Slim Thermoplastic (TPU) Bumper Frame 
  • Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Back 
  • Raised Silicone Gel Corners - Shock Cushions 
  • 2x Military Grade Standard Drop Tested 
  • Lifted Bezel for Extra Screen Protection 
  • Unique Non Slip Diamond Grip 
  • S-Pen, Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible 
  • 6 Trendy Colors to Choose From 
  • Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included