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There I was sitting on the last bench in class, nearly dozing away as my history teacher droned on in the background. Minutes passed and I jumped from my seat when my iPhone began to jingle. Sheesh! I had forgotten to silence it again! Mrs. Campbell stared in my direction, while I quickly mumbled a few incoherent words and excused myself out of the class.

As I shuffled towards the door, my phone slipped from my hand and crashed onto the floor. I could hear Mrs. Campbell yell “Dash Hudson” and my classmates giggle as I hurried out of the door. As soon as I exited, I first looked at my phone. Was it okay? Did it give into the fall? Had the screen cracked? Thankfully, my aunt had just gifted me the Ghostek iPhone X Rugged Waterproof Case, which provided premium protection my phone deserves!

The phone that sat securely in a strong and stylish case, began to ring again and I was quick at answering the call. It was my cousin from NYC who worked as a sleuth and worked with me to solve cases from time to time.

He quickly briefed me that I needed to get a few files to the prison in downtown where an innocent man was about to get the needle. We both agree that three shots to the chest could be the best and most humane way to satisfy the need to get monsters off this planet and once in a while one of those types is arrested but in this case, this was not the situation.

My cousin’s office was really close and I pedaled fast to get to his parking lot, where he stood waiting for me, by his car. “We have no time to lose,” he said. “We need to be quick Dash.” We made pretty good time on the way but as we began to drive off the highway, we saw that an intersection was blocked. Time was ticking, but the traffic jam seemed to show no signs of clearing. To add to our misery, it began to rain hard.

Jacob began to sweat despite the chill outside. “An innocent man will die if we do not get there quickly,” he said emphatically. I asked him for the paper which I folded and tucked into the Ghostek waterproof case that protected my phone and I dashed out of the car.

Like an action hero, I jumped from one car top to another weaving my way through the traffic and towards the jail. In my frenzy the phone took another fall, but I had nothing to fear, thanks to its robust cushion design. I got to the jail just in time fearing that the document may have gotten wet and soiled. The waterproof silicon case had done it again! The paper was intact and I saved a man from being wrongly struck down for good!

Designed by Ghostek in New York




The iPhone X is many things – but indestructible, it is not. That’s why you need a phone case that shields your iPhone X from every hazard. The Nautical case from Ghostek provides waterproof protection at depths of up to 20 feet, so you can make a splash without getting your phone wet. The full-body shell, raised rubberized corners, and lifted bezel create a 360-degree shockproof barrier. Your phone has never been safer. Plus, with six stylish colors to choose from, you can choose a case that shows your true colors. Finally, the cutting-edge protection your iPhone X deserves: the Nautical case from Ghostek.

  • 360-Degree Full Body PC + Thermoplastic (TPU) Shell
  • Durable Polycarbonate (PC) Clear Back
  • Raised Rubberized Corners - Shock Barrier
  • Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection
  • Face ID Unlock Compatible
  • Lifted Bezel - Extra Screen Protection
  • Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (Attached)
  • 3x Military Grade Standard Drop Tested
  • Tested for Up to 20-Feet Deep & 1 Hour in the Water
  • All Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible
  • Supports Wireless Charging
  • 6 Trendy Colors to Choose From
  • Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included

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Ghostek - iPhone X/XS Waterproof Case Nautical Series, White (GHOCAS820)

Obal je vizualne v poriadku. Vodotesne vlastnosti ma podla popisu. Zial pod vodou je absolutne nepouzitelny. Displej sa stava neovladatelny. Hladala som lacnejsiu alternativu k obalu Catalyst, ktory mam vyskusany na inom IPhone, zial na fotenie a natacanie videa pod vodou nevhodny.
dizajn, material, lahke pouzitie, ochranne vlastnosti
displej pod vodou je absolutne neovladatelny



Ghostek - iPhone X/XS Waterproof Case Nautical Series, Black (GHOCAS822)

Izvrstan proizvod, loša korisnička služba, očajna dostava. Kupite u nekom dučanu gdje je odmah možete preuzeti. Good product, bad customer service, terrible delivery (by GLS). Buy it in the store where you can take it immediately.
Kvalitetan proizvod nenamjerno testiran kad mi je ispao telefon u planinski potok za vrijeme planinarenja. Radi kako je obečano.
Naručeno i plačeno s dostavom za četiri dana. Dobio sam je za nepunih sedamnaest nakon niza telefonskih poziva GLS-u.