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What are the two most important things you take with you when you go out the door? Apart from your keys of course. Your phone and your wallet, both of which have become as essential as the air you breathe. XQISIT&nbsp,has taken note of that and have come up with a clever way to fuse the two: the&nbsp,Eman Wallet Case for the Galaxy S6 Edge. The case&rsquo,s elegant, leather look exterior conceals a detachable, polycarbonate iPlate providing increased impact protection. The iPlate is fitted with magnetic plates that allow it to easily attach itself to the back of the case. Its inner flap reveals conveniently placed pockets for storing all sorts of cards and bills. How practical. Now you only have to pat your pockets for two things before you leave the house.

  • Synthetic leather exterior.
  • Pockets for cards and bills.
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons.
  • Detachable, polycarbonate iPlate.
  • Magnetic closure