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How do I protect my mobile wonder from all the harms of the world without concealing its beauty for all eyes to see? Well, that&rsquo,s one thing you won�t have to ask yourself anymore. With the ,Odet, ,XQISIT ,introduces the optimum balance between safety and design fidelity. Odet&rsquo,s transparent quality reveals the magic behind your device&rsquo,s conception. But don�t let appearances fool you. Its sturdy polycarbonate back cover shields it from heavy blows and those dreaded scratch marks. A flexible TPU rim allows your device to easily tuck into the case, while its pre-cut form grants easy access to all of the phone&rsquo,s ports. And then there are all the different colours: black, lime, green, grey, blue, turquoise, pink and white. A colour for every mood. A colour to match your exquisite taste.

  • Flexible TPU rim
  • Easy access to all ports and buttons
  • Clear PC hard case for improved impact protection
  • Rounded