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Things we don�t like: smudges, fingerprints and wear. Least of all we dislike the combination of any of those with our handheld companions. But luckily for you, XQISIT ,seems to be a dab hand at solving mobile dilemmas. This ,Screen Protector for the iPad Pro ,has been pre-cut to perfectly fit your device and designed to shield its screen surface with a high-tech, second skin. No more droplets, fingerprints or glare � these are all a thing of the past. Sigh� if only you could have something like that for your car.

  • Highly resilient film offers increased protection for your device&rsquo,s display.
  • Pre-cut form perfectly matches your device&rsquo,s display.
  • Easily applied and removed with no residue left behind.
  • Includes 1 x anti-glare screen protector, 1 x applicator and 1 x cleaning cloth.