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Double-layer extra durable composition
Extremely effective protection for the iPhone 11 Pro Max ensures Laut Shield case thanks to the composition of 2 materials. The inner, softer thermoplastic (TPU) layer coupled with a tough outer polycarbonate (PC) shell will protect your iPhone in a much more effective way than a single-layer composition would.

Don’t give up comfort when using your iPhone
With Laut Shield, you don’t have to choose between durable protection or comfortable use of your iPhone. Shield is equipped with tactile buttons in a contrasting metallic design that fit smoothly and precisely on the iPhone buttons.

Wireless charging is not a problem – the case is thin and it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging so you can charge your iPhone anywhere at any time.

Vibrant colours with original texture
Shield is more than just 6 vibrant colours. The design highlights the case’s composition by two shades of colour and brings the surface to life with a structured texture.

Feature overview
iPhone 11 Pro Max hard back case with reinforced protection
2 layers – thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC)
Tactile buttons in metallic design
Supports wireless charging
The inner layer has a darker shade
Structured surface on the outer shell in a lighter shade

The German LAUT brand is designed for the best electronic devices, so it places emphasis on truly high quality workmanship, high functionality, elegance and current fashion trends. Over 800 different design patterns are inspired by daily life and are designed to adapt exactly to your individual style.

LAUT accessories and devices are created by the hands of experienced specialists and great designers who focus in detail on functionality, appearance and quality. LAUT has headquarters in Hamburg and has other offices in the US and Hong Kong.